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Barker始建于1880,在英格兰制鞋工业中心的一间简朴的小屋中成立。其创始人Arthur Barker是北安普敦郡一位技艺精湛、创意独到且富有上进心的靴履制造工匠,他设计的防水钉底靴曾受到高度追捧(鞋底的钉子在受潮的情况下会膨胀从而使靴子达到防水效果)。每年Barker在英格兰北安普敦郡的小屋工厂,工匠们会生产200,000双手工制造的鞋履。毫无疑问,手艺精湛的工匠和优质的材质是一双高品质鞋履的保证,而Barker则两者兼备。

The foundation stone of the Barker brand was laid in a humble cottage in the heart of England’s shoe manufacturing industry in 1880, by an enterprising Northamptonshire boot maker  Arthur Barker, a skilled craftsman and natural innovator, whose waterproof peg-sole boots were highly sought after (the pegs would swell when wet and make the sole waterproof).Barker craftspeople still produce 200,000 pairs of hand lasted sewn shoes each year from their base in Northamptonshire – England. One thing for sure, it is craftsmen and fine materials that makes good shoes. At Barkers, there is no shortage of either.