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为了迎合英国男性对鞋履的需求,Base London于1995年成立,并首次推出了一个全新的大众商店。在这之前,男士们的选择只有出自高端设计师的鞋履或自有品牌的鞋履。Base London针对的客户群是那些通过阅读男士时尚杂志来跟随潮流的时尚男士,而其鞋履不仅体现了男士的时尚外表,还有他们的态度和自信,这些是显而易见的。

Established in 1995 to tend to the footwear demands of the British male, Base London introduced a somewhat previously unfound, branded footwear option to the high street for the very first time. Before this, guys were faced with only high end designer or own label products. Base London was launched at the same time as guys began to have their style dictated by dedicated men’s fashion magazines, sculpting not only their look, but also their attitude and confidence, something apparent through the Base London brand.