Katy Kiro as a brand has its own signature. Started as a boutique brand, the capsule collection of Katy Kiro have had a bespoke character, bold in design.

Though a young company, incorporated in 1997, BSV International draws inspiration from a unique heritage. Sourcing from a strong base in India and China BSV supplies footwear incorporating key seasonal looks with an edge to a wide customer base in the U.K, U.S, Europe, Australia, Japan and the Middle East.

In structure the office in Dong Guang with a dedicated sample room is the liaison for all sourcing from China. The office is strategically placed to manage the supply chain from sample inception to final delivery of orders.

For product placement in India, BSV International has its own factory in New Delhi with a purpose built sample room. This is a pivotal point for sourcing product from all areas of India

Based in North London BSV has a vibrant and dynamic design & account management team to oversee delivery of the finished product.