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British lifestyle brand, BUTTERFLY TWISTS, will be exhibiting its latest collection for autumn/ winter 2014 at FN Platform this August in Las Vegas.

Ballerina flats don’t need to be understated and blend in with your outfit, they can be the statement. Women love their stilettos, but now they can be head-over-heels for ballerinas! The collection features some great designs for a night out as well. Now girls won’t just leave a party wearing her BUTTERFLY TWISTS, she’ll arrive in them!

BUTTERFLY TWISTS is an international brand that is now sold in over 30 countries and is continuously expanding.

For more information on BUTTERFLY TWISTS please visit ButterflyTwists.com or e-mail Sales@ButterflyTwists.com.

To book sales appointments for FN Platform please e-mail Elizabeth@ButterflyTwists.com.