A girl’s love for her shoes is as passionate and emotional as her feelings for chocolates. We believe that there is always room for another pair of shoes like there is always room for desserts!

What’s in a word? “Chocolate” refers to the objects of our desire and “Schubar” represents our shoe confectionary bar concept where we always have our divine selection of shoes all lined-up ready for your picking! Our goal is to capture that irrational love and happiness women get and translate it in every chocolate schubar shoe that we design!

Chocolate schubar’s signature look is whimsical eccentricity “à la Parisienne”. Our signature flats have caught the attention of women from all over and we’ve gone on to platforms, heels, boots and wedges — all with our CSB touch. The result is an eclectic aesthetic that conjures images of the quintessentially chic French girl. Simply put, we offer every trendsetter a touch of that elusive je ne sais quoi.