Crisian & McCaffrey Shoes

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The Spring Summer 2014 collection looks to Crisian’s recent visit to Dubai and the contrast of the high rise building structures, the futuristic architecture with the desert and the organic formations of sand dunes.

He draws inspiration from the fact that on one hand the country has a rich culture and has maintained its heritage and traditions, but at the same time it is a country that has progressed in many spheres where women are quite open, trend forward when it comes to making fashion-related lifestyle decisions. Fashion has become a form of expression of individuality, empowerment, progress, and independence.

Cage Khaleefa sandal is an integral part of the collection. !is collection is an amalgam of modern and traditional, which can be seen in the lasered cage aspect of the sandal, representing not only contemporary architecture but also symbolising limitations and boundaries prevalent in society that have helped preserve their culture and values.

The rest of the collection takes its cues from the organic structures in architecture and free “owing formations of sand dunes in the open desert seen in the conical detailing of the sandals and in the layered flame shapes.

The collection features clean lines with linear heels providing an illusion of height to lower styles. Wearability alongwith sharp, elegant, and streamlined shapes, is at the heart of this collection to give a demure and classic look, which is beautiful yet easy to wear. !e collection provides a calculated mix of classic materials such as lush Capretto and Nappa teamed with innovative materials such as crackled mother-of-pearl coated leather.

There are three colourways for each style. The Brights feature Pale Pink as the main colour alongwith Coral and Purple as the highlight colour. The Metallics feature vintage finish metallic leathers in the three shades of gold namely, White, Rose and Yellow. These are used with Blush Pink throughout the collection. Lastly, the Neons feature an exclusive monochrome material with white suede base with fine micro check patent print with Patent Neon Pink, Orange and Yellow as the accent colours.

The Brand

Crisian and McCaffrey is a London-based international luxury footwear brand. All Crisian and McCaffrey shoes are produced in Italy from original lasts, using the finest materials, and the most exclusive Italian production facilities.

Developed by Venezuelan born Crisian, and Nareesha McCaffrey, both graduates of the famous London College of Fashion, the brand was launched by Harvey Nichols (Knightsbridge, London) in the Spring of 2011 who snapped up their press collection under an exclusivity deal during London Fashion Week. In a very short time the brand has gained international stockists in countries such as Hong Kong, the Middle East, Ukraine & Ireland.

Since its launch, the brand has received overwhelming response and is coveted by celebrity stylists and press alike. Celebrities spotted wearing CRISIAN & MCCAFFREY shoes include Lady Gaga, Fergie, Nicole Scherzinger, Cheryl Cole, and Kelly Rowland. High profile exposure has been realised through regular celebrity appearances on television (e.g. the X-Factor), Fashion publications (e.g. Harpers Bazaar) and Celebrity patronage.

The Product

The shoes are handcrafted in a factory that the brand has recently partnered with, which is in the renowned region of Parabiago in Italy. The factory produces shoes for high- fashion houses such as Chanel, Hermes, Dior, and Christian Louboutin. The team of artisans boasts a rich shoemaking heritage and “hand”, refined over generations ensuring a product of the highest standard undergoing strict quality control.

The key feature of the shoes is the combination of a luxurious feel with unique sculptured heels, and enhanced comfort. The designer continually works to perfecting the lines that enhance the overall shoe in a three-dimensional way concentrating on curves and silhouettes that elongate the leg and flatter the foot. The goal being to produce highly desirable shoes that feel feminine to the wearer, giving them a sense of power, and confidence.

The lasts used are sculpted by the designers, are trend-forward and aesthetically appealing but are also designed keeping the anatomy of the foot at the core. The base of the shoe is sculpted perfectly with correct proportions in a way to cup the foot providing optimum support and effortless balance.