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Gola创立于1905年5月22日,在英国体育界的历史上占有宝贵的一席之地,并常与一些知名运动品牌相提并论。Gola有着自己独特的品牌故事:在20世纪60年代至70年代,Gola克服了种种困难与磨练,终于成为了英国鞋履界首屈一指的运动品牌。Gola的秋冬14系列”Classics” 采用了70年代慢跑鞋的设计灵感,彰显了其品牌一贯的运动传统理念,织物鞋面的应用和丰富色彩的搭配则体现了其大胆与创新。

Born in Britain on 22nd May 1905, Gola holds a treasured place in British sporting history, having been associated with some of the biggest names in sport. Gola’s unique and fascinating story has seen the brand conquer various trials and tribulations to become the number one British sportswear brand of the day in the 1960s and ’70s. Sports heritage influences are prominent throughout the AW14 Gola Classics collection with a selection of ’70s jogging inspired silhouettes in a wealth of fabric applications and aspirational colour combinations.