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Having lived in many cities in Asia, North America and Europe, Kari has developed a diverse and unique outlook on fashion and femininity.  Kari’s vision is to create a timeless and luxury line of footwear that is design-centric and effortless to wear.   She believes that it is increasingly difficult to find a pair of heels that one can wear from day to night; shoes which are just as cosmopolitan and well travelled as their owner.

Her intrinsic style and appreciation for beauty fused with inspirations from various references in art, nature and fashion eras and icons from past and present have culminated in a footwear collection that is sensual, exquisite and innovatively ergonomic.

Impressions of dark romance largely inspired the A/W 2014 collection with various references to art, nature and iconic fashion eras of the 1920s and 1960s. With hand craftsmanship at its core, highly experienced technicians use the finest leathers and components from Italy to create luxury shoes that blends luxury with timeless elegance and comfort.
The collection comprises of pumps, sandals and ankle boots in luxurious leathers and textures. With meticulous attention to detail, coveted designs and innovative creative process, Kari aspires to create footwear that is timeless, sophisticated and worth every indulgence.