For Spring / Summer 2 0 1 4 Miista evokes  the beauty and power of  the Sea .

Inspired by the movement of waves, the balance of the natural world juxtaposed with our modern lives, the iridescent refraction of water and light, the colours present in elaborate seascapes and the idea of capturing the transient. Looking to the ancient representations of the water, the sea nymphs of Ancient Greek mythology embodied the mystical elements of our focus – particularly Thaleia, the nymph of the “blooming sea.” A playful spirit which perfectly represents the lighthearted collection, her name speaks to underwater flowers, holographic waves and the inherent movement and change of the water.

Our design foundation of Measured Madness, the combination of seemingly unlike ideas, is rooted deeply in both the inspiration and execution of this collection through a spectrum of colours, materials and textures. A lively colour palette, nostalgic sticker detailing, 3-D elements and wildly inventive, exaggerated textures complement the classic constructions they decorate.

It’s the material combinations – a carefully selected jumble of natural and man-made — that really make this collection shine. Wooden heels encased in lucite, metallics combined with clear plastics, speckled leather surrounded by a vinyl shell – these pieces come together to create our most adventurous collection yet. Unique, forward and irreverent,detailing is ever ywhere; flaked metallic sequins, scored iridescent leathers, brushed off metallic florentic leathers and plastic tassels all work together to create unforgettable looks. Additionally, 3-D floral elements, playful decals and lucite hardware work to create an eclectic narrative, reinforcing the spontaneity and youthfulness of the collection.

Bright and breezy seaside colours accent the styles while a base of pastels provides foundation. Soft pinks and oranges along with oceanic blues and greens are combined with bright metallics in a range of candy coloured ice cream tones. And it doesn’t end there – neon vinyl enters the mix, setting the stage for some serious statement shoes. The tactility of the collection serves to emphasize the material combinations and while seemingly impulsive, the eccentric pairings are anything but.

The prints revolve around the majesty of the sea, with a par ticular focus onundulating, reflective waves. We created two series of prints which embody the nature of the ocean.The first is a collection of abstracted photographs featuring underwater flowers, blooming under the rhythmic movement of a swimming pool. Their abstract quality is at once beautiful and curious, an attempt at framing the fleeting, transient nature of the ocean, while capturing its serenity. Peaceful, the prints suggest the ultimate picture of pleasure. In a similar vein our holographic patterns also center around waves, emphasizing the effer vescent qualities and slow, natural movement. As a hologram the print will adjust to the light, creating a fascinating effect while walking. Nostalgia plays a major role as inspiration is taken from ‘90s fashion and childhood summers. Enlivened by the freedom of those long vacations — that feeling of having not a single care in the world – the collection looks to the quirky memories of being a kid. Sticker books and candy shops, googly eyes and glitter, holograms and plastic jeweller y, marks the return to a simpler time.

This collection is unlike anything we’ve done before – but it wouldn’t be Miista if we weren’t journeying off into unknown territor y. A trip down memor y lane, we’ve borrowed from our past while still incorporating modernity. Feminine yet bold, playful yet grown up, out of the world yet easy to wear, this collection is on trend while not being disposable. Classic constructions with a serious Miista twist; AQUASCAPISM is the perfect mix of elegance and madness.