Morena Morena is a ballerina shoe brand with a life style concept that combines originality, comfort and style not widely seen in the market place.

Originality because the shoes are designed to bend and clip for carry in a bag, comfort because we use high performance Poron insole material for best cushioning, and style because we experiment with materials, shapes and color combinations for a constantly “new look”.

A key attribute of Morena Morena is its capacity for innovation to transform the flat shoe into highly desirable everyday footwear from smart casual, elegant to high-end fashion style.

Morena Morena stands for a cutting-edge approach in the experimenting with unconventional ideas in the footwear market. Call one collections luxurious, daring, one-of-a-kind, unmistakably flashy and trendy with unique details and novel touches. Call the next collection devilishly fun, seductively sexy, and mischievously playful.

Whatever, Morena Morena is the epitome of instant comfort, practicality and glamor…for both sexes.