鞋履和饰品占据了重要的市场地位。它们不再是配角,它们有着自己的故事,它们是Park Lane的故事。Park Lane采用伦敦的设计和纯粹的工艺,坚持手工加工,运用各式材质:做旧的皮革,褶皱的皮革,真皮的皮草,手染的绒面革和手染的皮草。干净的金属边饰和创新的装饰为传统工艺赋予了更加现代新潮的定义。

Footwear and Accessories take centre stage. They are no longer an extra; they are a narrative, Park Lane’s narrative. Designed in London and using pure craftsmanship; Hand treatments, washed leathers, crunch napas, real hairy leather, hand stained suedes and hand dyed hides. Clean metal trims and new embellishments which convert  traditional craftsmanship into new modern ways.