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Great British footwear Brands challenge expectations @ Sole Commerce

Britain has always led the way when it comes to challenging the norm and pushing the boundaries of design and culture. From our history and heritage to the continuous creation of new lifestyle trends, from music to fashion – the UK has never been afraid to bring you something different – to challenge your expectations!

That’s why the British Footwear Association is so proud of the class of February 2014 and the Brands we are bringing to USA @ Sole Commerce – New York 23-25 February 2014.

If you’re looking for ladies or men’s footwear with a difference, of the highest quality, with innovative designs and technology and international fashion appeal, look no further than the Great British brands in our Fall/Winter 2014 collective.

Have your ideas of footwear challenged and transformed, your expectations exceeded – make sure you spend this Sole Commerce exploring the brands and the great footwear that The British Edition has to offer.

British Brands at Sole Commerce