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The Florida Group (TFG) has been making Van Dal shoes since 1946. Founded in London in the late 1800s by Adelman Goodman the business moved to Norwich, Norfolk in 1936 where, along with his two sons, he set about developing a ladies shoe business. The launch of the Van Dal brand marked the beginning of a focus on stylish high quality wider fitting shoes, a reputation it holds today.

TFG is now the largest traditional ladies shoe maker in the UK. In recent years the interest for ‘Made in England’ product has seen Van Dal revitalised and demand for the brands product increase.


AW14 collection

For AW14 at theMicam the launches a range of new Made in England footwear, alongside its wider fitting shoes and wedges. With stunning new feature materials autumn highlights include courts ‘Filby’ and ‘Langham’, both made in Norwich.

For those looking for wider fitting, ‘Hanover’ (EE), is a popular style with feature snake trim. Super pump ‘Walton’ (EE) and short boot ‘Balfour’ (EE) are classically simple styles with an embroidery twist.